Beef Stroganoff


Hands down the best beef stroganoff I've known.

Time: 2 hours

3/4 lb. round steak

1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms

2 medium onions, chopped

1/4 cup oil

2 Tbs. flour

1 cup canned tomatoes

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 cup sour cream

Cut steak into one-inch cubes.

Saute onions in oil for 10 minutes; add mushrooms, cover, and cook for 5 minutes. Set mixture aside in a bowl.

Brown meat in remaining oil, slowly…really, I mean slowly over low heat.

When the meat is browned, add tomatoes, seasonings and flour. Simmer 1 hour, covered.

At the end of an hour, add the mushroom and onion mixture and the sour cream.

Cook on low heat for 30 minutes.

Serve with noodles.