Kitty's German Potato Salad


This German potato salad was essential at family gatherings when I was growing up.

Time: 45 mins.

5 lbs. red potatoes

1 medium green pepper, finely chopped

2 or 3 stalks of celery, finely chopped

3 chopped medium onions, quantity divided in half

10 slices bacon, cut up

2 Tbs. sugar

2 Tbs. flour

2 Tbs. white vinegar

Water, if needed

4 hard-cooked eggs

Boil potatoes until tender, then drain.

Peel potatoes; slice each in half, then slice into bite-sized half- or quarter-moon shapes; set aside.

Chop two of the hard-cooked eggs; slice the other two hard-cooked eggs into rings; set aside.

In a large skillet, fry bacon pieces until crisp; remove from pan and set aside.

In the same pan, fry half of the chopped onions in the bacon drippings until they begin to brown.

Add green pepper and celery to the skillet and stir a few minutes to soften.

Add flour and sugar to the onion mixture and stir; when bubbly, add vinegar and stir to mix.

If the mixture is too thick to pour, stir in a little water and heat through.

In a large bowl, add the hot onion, green pepper and celery mixture and two chopped hard-cooked eggs to the potatoes and mix well. Use the sliced eggs to garnish the dish.