Luleh Kabab


This is the real thing — a traditional Persian skewered kabab with grilled tomatoes. (From aashpazi.com)


3 lbs Ground Beef (85% Lean)

2 Small Onions

1 Tsp (approx) Salt or to taste

1 Tsp (Approximately) Black Pepper Powder or as preferred

1 Tsp Turmeric

1 Tsp (spprox) Ground Sumac.

1/4 Tsp Saffron

Soak the saffron for 10 minutes.

Grate the onions and drain the excessive juice.

Combine grated onions with ground beef in a large bowl.

Add salt, black pepper powder, turmeric and ground sumac to the bowl (knead the mixture thoroughly after adding each ingredient).

Add 2 to 3 tsp of the soaked saffron to the bowl.

Knead for 7 minutes.

Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap.

Keep the beef mixture in refrigerator to marinate for 8 to 12 hours.

Note: For the best result use koobideh skewers to grill the kabobs (long, flat wooden skewers).

Place a fistful of beef mixture on a skewer and flatten.

Grill the kabobs on the grill.

Turn the kibabs often to avoid burning.

Grill few tomatoes and peppers to serve on the side.

Kibabs can be served with rice